Newbury Street, Boston, Early 1970s

Carla drew this when Jay moved his radio commercial studio from suburban Brookline to the Newbury Street advertising boutique area, Spring 1972.
It shows the northern side of the complete block between Dartmouth and Exeter Streets.
Original width was 36"; the printed poster was 24" wide.

This drawing is architecturally accurate (except for the gag), and was done completely freehand!

Scan of 1972 poster
Poster and image © 1972 Jay and Carla Rose. This page may be linked to in its entirety, but neither it nor the image may be reproduced without permission.
Permissions and a high-res version might be supplied if you give a good reason.
More about artist Carla Rose.

Here's a photo of that block now, as captured by Google Maps Street View.
The light tan building with a flag and steps leading subgrade is 171 Newbury Street.
The photo is interactive. Click on the arrows to move up and down the block.
Drag your mouse on the photo to turn around, or even tilt up to the top of the buildings.

This is a frame linked to, and may depend on how their server is feeling today.

View Larger Map Trivia: If you tilt up to the top of the 171 Newbury building, you'll see WBCN's original transmitter site.


April 20, 2008